Michelle Skally Doilney

Certified Feng Shui Consultant


From her first childhood sanctuary, Michelle's lifelong passion for creating inspired and inspiring spaces was clear.  An accomplished writer and photographer, certified yoga instructor, Fortune 100 company project manager and property management professional, Michelle's experience in the arts, holistic studies, and business world have shaped her unique perspective of how environment affects health, productivity, and personal well-being. In addition to Feng Shui, Michelle has studied yoga in the Himalayan Tradition since 1997 and has been a certified yoga instructor since 2002.

Michelle’s consultations combine Feng Shui, Universal Design, and Green/Sustainable Living concepts for her corporate and residential clients.  Using short or extended lecture formats, Michelle teaches throughout the country on easy, budget-conscious and “Do-It-Yourself” approaches to create environments.

Michelle is a certified Feng Shui Consultant in the Black Hat (BTB) tradition, studying and practicing Feng Shui since 2002.  She formally studied Black Hat under Master Feng Shui Consultant Carole Hyder, founder of the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui,  as well as with Professor Thomas Lin Yun, its renowned founder. She has also studied Compass School Feng Shui under Roger Green and is certified in Interior Redesign under Mary Dennis Draganac, founder of the Graceful Lifestyles™ school.

Michelle offers Feng Shui consultations, lectures, and group education across the country.  In 2008, She completed design work for Newpark Hotel , the “heart” of Newpark Town Center and the first-and-only LEED-ND development in Park City, Utah. In addition to creating the design concepts of “Mountain Organic” and “Practical Luxury”, she coordinated the hotel’s FF&E and Interior Design team, including Parisi Portfolio, and worked with Bassett Furniture to create custom, multi-functional furniture for the hotel.

Michelle has traveled worldwide and uses her time to study applied design principles and Feng Shui, including in India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Australia, and Europe. She is the former Utah Chapter Director and current member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), and Board Member of the Feng Shui Institute of the Midwest (FSIM). Michelle is committed to creating and supporting healthy, balanced, and practical environments through awareness and use of a combination of Intentional Interior Redesign, Feng Shui, Universal Design and Green/Sustainable Living.

“Become the Architect of your 
 environment... and your life.”
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photo ©Michelle Skally Doilney

Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

photo by Todd Ascher